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There Is An Unlimited Supply Of Free Quality Traffic Available Right Now... Just Waiting For You To Take Advantage & Get Your Share!

Do your sites crave traffic? You can satisfy the traffic needs of every website, blog, profile and page that you own or operate with one truly simple, free traffic generation method: the use of autosurf traffic exchange programs. We're here to share with you the strategy we've been using to drive millions of free visitors to our sites and pages for the last decade.

Start by signing up and surfing at the sites we've recommended for you below. These are the top autosurfs producing the most unique visitors and volume traffic. You will not be disappointed with the results. You can literally change a site with zero visitors to one that is receiving thousands of hits in an incredibly short period of time.


Amazing autosurf traffic exchange that offers a unique timer concept. You choose the length of visit for your sites, & earn minutes instead of credits while surfing. ALL members earn free $$$ cash commissions on their referrals' purchases. Great bonus minute credit links in the surfbar and incredibly fast traffic delivery. View more info here!


A professional autosurf program running on a custom script. Benefits include a 9 second timer, very fast site approvals, and a very generous referral structure. Referrers earn 20% of what their referrals earn when surfing. Great monthly referral contests and tons of unique visitors for your sites.



Fantastic autosurf program for everyone! Very diverse group of international members. Creates a captive audience by offering excellent prize pages in the rotation. Highest quality autosurf traffic, delivered very quickly. The owners hold weekly surf & referral contests. This is an autosurf program not to be missed!


Operated on a custom script, this is a high quality autosurf program with excellent referral incentives. Reliable, steady rotation with lots of active surfers. Members pay close attention to the sites in the rotation. The name says it all: This program truly is a Quality Surfer and a top autosurf exchange for those who need fast quality traffic!


Autosurf & manual surf site, operated by The Global Blaster Network.com. Runs on a unique, custom script. I joined in 2003; it is an established site. 10,000 credit signup bonus, 20 second timer and the ability to list 20 URLs, text and banner ads as a free member. Fantastic program you should join today for free quality global traffic!


Free 1:1 autosurf with a 3 second timer, not just listed here because we own it! You can see by a visit to our Top Referrers page that HSH is consistently a top producer of unique traffic for Edenday.org. The trick to success with this program is to list multiple URLs since space is unlimited. The more active sites you list, the more traffic you get each day!


Smiley = Autosurf Advertising Powerhouse! Incredible autosurf traffic exchange with huge responsive member base & super fast hit delivery. High volume traffic + tons of unique visitors. 10 second autosurf timer plus manual surfing, PTC, banner & text ads! All members can earn cash & convert to credits.



This is a superb autosurf traffic exchange program with a 30 second timer. Offers great referral incentives, a very high unique to repeat visitor ratio, built in banner and text ad exchanges &referral commissions! Traffic delivery is very fast. This is a traffic exchange you need to be a member of if you want fast traffic!


Simply put, this is a high quality autosurf exchange. If you are able to build a downline, you can earn credits on autopilot with an active referral base. This is simply a terrific autosurf traffic exchange that delivers a plethora of unique visitors with its 30 second timer. You simply can't afford to miss this exchange!

Bannerco-op Banner Exchange Bannerco-op Banner Exchange
The Banner Co-op Exchange Free Advertising & Cash To Promote Your Site! Join Here!

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