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Here's My Story ~ How I Came To Be An Autosurf Queen :)

Welcome to Edenday.org! My name is Trista G. Harris and I have made it my personal goal to share what I know about autosurf traffic exchanges and autosurfing with everyone that visits my site. The majority of my business online over the last decade has involved autosurfing in one way or another.

When I first started poking around online to see if there were additional income stream options out there, I quickly realized that the most successful online entrepreneurs had their own websites. These folks weren't promoting sites belonging to other people; they were promoting themselves. This led me to begin learning how to use FrontPage 2000 to build a website. Shortly thereafter, I signed up for Yahoo webhosting to register my first domain, TelecommuterSuccess.com, a site that sold informational products such as ebooks for online marketers to use and redistribute. I was soon to discover the fast-growing and ever-changing world of autosurf traffic exchanges. Autosurf traffic exchanges can indeed change the path and success of your online efforts. Read on to find out how.

Like most new website owners, I was faced with the task of  figuring out how to get traffic to my site once it was live and published on the web. As most of us know, internet marketing relies heavily on getting your site seen by as many new viewers as you can on a daily basis. It all boils down to traffic and hits. After all, you can have the hottest product or the most valuable service, but you can't sell something when no one knows your site exists. I spent a lot of money in the early days purchasing guaranteed traffic, and guess what? I paid for some person somewhere to sit and auto-load my website 10,000 or 50,000 times. Yes, every single hit came from the same I.P. address. I knew there had to be a more cost effective and quality source of website traffic out there somewhere, it was just a matter of finding it.

This inevitably led me to traffic exchanges. It was 2001 and the world of autosurf traffic exchanges was just getting started. Autosurfing was still in its infancy back then. The original autosurf had just been opened - Autohits.dk - and this site was pioneering the way for a whole new generation of surfers. No more click, Click, CLICK with manual exchanges - here was a new twist on an old idea. Traffic exchanges have been around since the early days of the web, all the way back to 1995, when using the internet became mainstream, but autosurfs began in 2001. I was lucky, it was a convergence of events. I was immediately infatuated and fascinated by the ability to get my site seen by new visitors each and every day... Automatically, Absolutely Free!

In those days, it was insanely expensive to acquire an autosurf script, and advertising at autosurf sites was not for anyone with a tight (or nonexistent) budget. Not to mention, I knew absolutely nothing about PHP, the type of script with which most autosurf sites are written. My focus at that time was internet marketing, so, at any rate, I wasn't in the position to buy an autosurf site of my own, but I did want to find out what these new autosurf traffic exchanges could do for my internet marketing pursuits.

Those of us entrepreneurs with little capital to work with had to be satisfied with making the most of our free memberships at autosurf traffic exchanges. This meant surfing around the clock and building a referral page to try to earn free referral credits at tons and tons of autosurf sites. Oh yes, within a few months of Autohits.dk opening, the market was already being flooded with new sites - sometimes there were dozens of new sites opening each day!

Just as quickly as they came, they oftentimes went. Time and time again, I would join a new autosurf program, refer tons of new members, surf my heart out and get stiffed when the program suddenly shut down or shifted focus. However, there are many sites that have stood the test of time to balance out the attrition of others. Many autosurf sites I joined years and years ago I still have accounts at, even after long periods of inactivity.

After about a year of advertising my site at lots of autosurf sites, I found OptimumDiscounts on Ebay - it was the first time I had ever seen an autosurf site reasonably priced. I bid and won my very first site ~ TrafficPalooza.com ~ as I recall, it cost me a little over $50 to purchase, and webhosting was easy, a subscription through Paypal for $10 per month. The year was 2002 and I was confident I could sell enough credits and/or memberships to at least break even.

Over the next several months, I acquired and created many new autosurf sites and ran my business like a true juggernaut. In 2003, Edenday.org was born out of my desire to network all of these autosurf exchanges together. My mantra was "power in numbers" and at its peak, the network consisted of 25 autosurf traffic exchanges and a banner exchange, in addition to the network home site, Edenday.org. My life was chaotic, typically consumed with back office duties like approving sites, and I loved it. My Paypal account was rocking with incoming payments. I had enough cash flow to pay some members to surf the exchanges I owned, since there were way too many for me to surf personally on a daily basis.

As the network grew, the ability to correspond as I had in the early days with all the wonderful colleagues I had met through my sites was diminishing, day by day. Literally all of my time was spent in my admin back office approving sites, applying credits and memberships bought by clients, and pushing, always pushing, credit and upgrade specials through intensely detailed email marketing. I dreamt about typing in my sleep, that's how bogged down I was, and I was growing bored with some of the tediousness of the work I was doing. It was getting repetitive and I was losing focus.

I decided to sell off some of the sites. The first ones I unloaded were the ones I had little attachment to, of course, whether or not they were successful or good producers. I didn't make any insane claims - not like the ones I have seen in the years since then - an example: I sold "10kfh" through Ebay for a modest amount. It was a modest producer. Not long after, the new owner sold it for much, much more by claiming it was the hottest site in the world... a truly unrealistic number of members and ridiculous fallacies regarding its traffic production. (Not right, that's just my opinion.) I held an account at the site as long as it was alive, and it didn't produce more than 1 or 2 hits per site per day prior to it's demise.

Anyways, I figured out something new to do that would keep my interest and keep me in the game a while longer. I was down to a more manageable number of exchanges and I had made so many awesome friends and colleagues through the whole process. I had friends I trusted enough to help me with my admin duties - all they wanted was free advertising for their time, so it was a win-win situation for all.

This freed me up to create a franchise type of program, where I would essentially resell sites for OptimumDiscounts and help new site owners learn the business. It was incredibly gratifying, and it meant I could build up our network again with tons of autosurf sites without having to personally administer them. What a blessing! The Edenday.org Autosurf Network grew to 30+ sites at its peak and I was extremely proud of everything I had accomplished.

As with all things online, things change, and people were coming and going in the network just as I was finally accepting that I was totally burnt out on maintaining it all. Around the same time, a certain payment processor decided to lump my business in with the same scammers that began using autosurf programs for investment/pyramid schemes, which was all the rage in 2005. I had relied on this payment processor to run my business, and I refused to use any other, even after they deactivated my account. I had been a member since 1999 when they launched, but no matter how I pled my case to them, they had made their decision that anyone associated with autosurf programs could no longer use their payment processing services.

This was a huge blow to me and the Edenday.org network. While the franchise site owners could continue business as usual, I was suddenly dropped from the bill. My reaction was to want to get away; I wanted nothing to do with the wonderful network I created. However, this time I played my cards a little differently. Since the only sites I had left were ones that I loved dearly, I sold them only to very close colleagues. It made it easier for me, knowing they were going to good hands. To this day, they are still run by these awesome folks and we still keep in touch and share our stories.

I was totally absent from online marketing for close to a year. It was emotionally hard for me to come back, knowing where I had been, and where I was going to be... Starting Over. However, I am a huge fan of new beginnings and I have been here since then, soldiering on. I started over with autosurfs by creating HyperSpeedHits.com in 2006, built on the strong foundation of my history with autosurfs, which was still there, steady and fair and firm, just as it was before.

Over the last 10 years, using autosurf traffic exchanges has helped me get to the top of the search engines for the keywords that best fit my sites. Autosurfing has satisfied all of my internet marketing needs. Autosurf traffic exchanges boost your number of visitors per day, which makes the search engine spiders think your site is important. High traffic combined with good content equals a website that can make its way to the top of the search engines.

Unlimited, Fast Free Traffic With Autosurfing!

Autosurfing is, without a doubt, the absolutely best way to get massive amounts of free visitors to your sites. That's what all online entrepreneurs want and need, right? I have been an autosurf site owner for over 8 years now, as well as a dedicated autosurfer at other peoples' sites since autosurfing began a decade ago. It's been proven to me that Autosurf Traffic Exchanges are the easiest, most effective way to get more visitors to your sites everyday... all for free! Click here to go to our Autosurf Directory where you can join hundreds of other Autosurf sites to get even more free traffic to your sites! And check out HyperSpeedHits.com by clicking the mini banner below:

HyperSpeedHits.com: 100 Super Fast Hits, Variable 3 to 7 second Timer, Surfbar Bonus Credits All Day, Every Day! Come on by for some hyper speed hits!

HyperSpeedHits is the last autosurf site owned by Edenday.org, and it produces super fast, free traffic for our members every day. This is the only autosurf program out of 25+ sites that we sold over the years that we retained. It is one of the most prolific traffic exchanges I have ever owned, and has very receptive members!

Our Autosurf Traffic Exchange Is Here to Provide Your Websites and Affiliate Pages with Steady, Quality Traffic, All For Free! Visit Our Site, Join for Free and Get Ready to Slam Your Sites With Tons of Free Hits Per Day! With a little effort, you can produce Major Traffic Results. In all of online marketing it is a known fact: Traffic is the Key to Your Success!

You can advertise personal websites or business websites for free in our network and see an immediate increase in your hits per day. This is a guaranteed way to bring more visitors to your sites everyday, with almost no effort! Check our GeoVisitors link in the menu below. We have visitors from all over the world everyday, and we get those visitors by advertising exclusively at Autosurf sites.

Finally, I just want to tell you that this was once a premiere autosurf traffic exchange network to be part of if quality, free website traffic is what you were seeking! I have downsized to owning just one surf site, and instead want to focus my energy on helping others learn about autosurf traffic exchanges and what they can do for you! In the near future, I may publish an ebook to fill with all the wonderful knowledge I have gained in what will soon be a decade of autosurfing.

Our only autosurf site, http://www.HyperSpeedHits.com is super easy to surf around the clock, honestly. The rotation is super clean, and our site easily runs for hours on end. You can surf as much as your heart desires and advertise your own programs like crazy! We feature a hyper speed 3 second autosurf timer. Besides owning this autosurf traffic exchange, we also own a wonderful Free 2:1 Banner Exchange.

There's something for every advertiser at Edenday.org!


Take care and check back soon!


Trista G. Harris

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