How to Add a Banner When All You Have Is Code...

I am a member of LightHouseHits, and I want to add a banner for viewing in the surfbars at the Autosurf Sites. Here is what LightHouseHits gave me for my banner:

<!--LightHouseHits.Com Banner-->
<ahref=> <imgsrc= border=0 ></a><!--LightHouseHits.Com Banner-->


What do I do? Well, the first thing you have to know is: if you cut and paste this entire lot of code into the Banner submission form, your banner will not get approved! Most likely, it will just be deleted, since the site admin has to login to the site's back office to fix or remove it.


Let's look at the code again, and this time, at only the information you need from it to load your banner at our sites:

<!--LightHouseHits.Com Banner-->
<ahref=> <imgsrc= border=0 ></a><!--LightHouseHits.Com Banner-->

That's it...those Two URLs above (and copied and pasted below) are the only 2 things you need in total from that whole bunch of code. The code is used to paste the banner as an html object into the html of a webpage. For rotation in the surfbar at our sites, you need to provide the web space location of your banner, otherwise known as it's URL. 

This is my favorite definition of URL: Uniform Resource Locator, an address widget that identifies a document or resource on the World Wide Web.

Widgets Are Cool:)

Here's what you need:

Target URL: 

The target URL is where the user goes when the banner is clicked. (Your Referral or Affiliate URL, or your website's address if you are promoting your own site.)


Banner URL:

The banner URL is the banner's image it and you will see the banner itself in a blank page.


Now how do you submit it? Easy! Here's an example of the banner submission form at our sites and how to add your banner:


User account #1 : : Add new Banner

Site name:
Baner URL:
Target URL:
Alt Text:


The Alt Text is what shows when a user hovers their mouse over the banner before they click. A catchy phrase is always good, so get your creative juices flowing:) Hover over this banner to see the Alt Text "Fast, Free Traffic!":

Fast, Free Traffic!



You should be all set now...But Contact Me if Not!!!