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Top Autosurf Programs You Should Join Now Based On Unique Visitors & Volume Hits

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Showing Approximately How Many Visitors We Have Been Able To Reach At Each Exchange In (#).

Top Autosurf Referrers To (34,267) (10,445) (7,251) (3,626) (2,703) (2,379) (2,262) (1,926) (1,795) (1,739) (1,666) (1,635) (1,586) (1,347) (1,318) (984) (941) (927) (813) (796) (662)

Top Autosurf Referrers To (20,667) (7,391) (6,386) (3,624) (2,078) (1,658) (1,621) (1,048) (996) (952) (911) (612) (475) (449) (444) (251) (192) (183) (175) (167) (148)

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Please Note: The numbers in parentheses after each exchange on this list represent the amount of visitors each exchange has provided & over the previous month. This information comes directly from our Google Analytics account. The more you surf and refer new members to a traffic exchange program, the more hits and unique visitors you will receive.

What it all boils down to is this: Each autosurf program's performance is not dependent on the exchange alone. It takes effort on the part of the surfer to surf as much as possible and refer as many new members as possible, so that as many hits and unique visitors as possible are delivered to your sites/pages from each exchange. You will see these numbers fluctuate depending on how hard I am surfing and referring at certain sites. The difference between the number of hits received by versus at the various exchanges is due mostly to the fact that I have been promoting more these days.

In essence, the numbers beside each autosurf program in parentheses above do not represent what each site is capable of producing for everyone, just what they are producing for & It's mostly a matter of how hard you work the program at the sites you enjoy surfing and promoting. :)

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