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Honest Feedback About The Best Autosurf Programs Of 2012 That Provide Top Quality Fast Free Traffic

A Note To Avid Autosurfers: If You Have Not Joined Any Of These Exchanges, You Should Consider Signing Up Today.

Surfing? Click Here To Open This Page In A New Window. You Will Be Glad You Did! is a fantastic autosurf program, designed for the online marketer. Offers a very diverse group of international members, excellent prize pages that help to encourage members to actively view the rotation. Highest quality autosurf traffic, delivered very quickly. The owners hold weekly surf & referral contests. This is  a program not to be missed!

Amazing autosurf traffic exchange that offers a unique surf timer concept. You can customize the length of visit for your own sites, & earn minutes instead of credits while surfing. ALL members earn free $$$ cash commissions on their referrals' purchases. I've cashed out over $185 since joining! Great bonus minute credit links in the surfbar. One of my faves for sure!

A superb, high quality autosurf program with a 30 second timer and upwards of 350+ surfers at any given time. Free members earn 10% commissions on referrals' purchases! Very high unique to repeat visitor ratio. Built in banner and text ad exchanges. Traffic is delivered incredibly quickly. Great referral incentives. You need to join if you want high quality fast traffic!

Simply put, this high quality autosurf exchange with a 30 second timer is simply the best! If you can build a downline, you can earn credits on autopilot from your active referrals' surfing. Delivers a plethora of unique visitors at a very rapid rate. A simple, easy to use interface designed with the surfer in mind. SimplyAutohits is an autosurf program you can't afford to miss! is one of the most stable and reliable fully featured autosurf traffic exchanges in the industry. Along with autosurfing, members can manual surf & advertise banners, mini-banners & text ads. Daily login bonuses & awesome in-surf prize pages make it worthwhile to surf this program every day!

1:1 autosurf with banner & text advertising options. Traffic is delivered quickly and member sites can also be shown in the NWT Traffic Network. T4D is perfect for members who want high quality, free traffic delivered very rapidly. Refer new members to earn extra free traffic. This is an autosurf program you should join now!

A professional autosurf program run on a custom script. Thousands of very attentive members surf here every day, providing thousands of unique visitors. Benefits include a 9 second timer, 2:1 surf ratio for free members, fast site approvals, & a very generous referral program. Referrers receive 20% of the credits their referrals earn while surfing.

Operated on a custom script, this is a high quality autosurf program with excellent referral incentives. Reliable, steady rotation with lots of active surfers. Members pay close attention to the sites in the rotation. The name says it all: This program truly is a Quality Surfer and a top autosurf exchange for those who need fast quality traffic!

Professional traffic exchange offering both autosurf and manual surf, as well as banner, mini-banner & text advertising options. Super fast delivery of traffic. Awesome in-surf prize pages & login bonuses. Terrific admin that constantly strives to improve an already excellent system.

Custom, uniquely scripted auto and manual surf program offering a generous referral program. Earn thousands of free credits by referring new members. List up to 20 URLs & banner and text ads as well. 20 second surf timer with auto and manual surf available. Wonderful Exchange!

Autosurf & manual surf site, operated by The Global Blaster Runs on a unique, custom script. I joined in 2003; it is an established site. 10,000 credit signup bonus, 20 second timer and the ability to list 20 URLs, text and banner ads as a free member. Fantastic Program! Join Today!

Autosurf & Manual Surf Powerhouse! Over 100,000 members. Traffic is delivered unbelievably fast and has a very high conversion rate. In addition to surfing, members have the option of banner, text and PTC advertising. Cash paid for referrals and awesome contests.

Shalom is part of the traffic exchange network, and runs on a custom script. Provides a highly unique international viewing audience, and with its 30 second timer, quality page views are guaranteed. Very fast delivery of traffic with lots of uniques. Great referral structure & clean surfing.

Sister site of and part of the family of sites. Admin is the original innovator of autosurf traffic exchanges. High quality traffic, delivered super fast. Easy to use interface and excellent bonuses for referring new members. Want fast traffic? This one's for you!

I have known the ladies of BFT for many years. BFT was established in 2004; that speaks volumes in itself, in that this exchange has truly stood the test of time! BFT is part of a fantastic traffic exchange network that all avid surfers should explore. Wonderful admin and run on a fully featured script.

Autosurf program that is related to Hits9 & QualitySurfer. Expect all the best features from its sister sites to be a a part of this one.  Another terrific custom autosurf traffic exchange offering fast, free hits. 12 second autosurf timer and fast website approvals are just a couple of its wonderful features.

These Are The Real Numbers Of Unique Visitors Provided To Our Sites From The Best Autosurf Programs!

Top Autosurf Referrers To (34,267) (10,445) (7,251) (3,626) (2,703) (2,379) (2,262) (1,926) (1,795) (1,739) (1,666) (1,635) (1,586) (1,347) (1,318) (984) (941) (927) (813) (796) (662)

Top Autosurf Referrers To (20,667) (7,391) (6,386) (3,624) (2,078) (1,658) (1,621) (1,048) (996) (952) (911) (612) (475) (449) (444) (251) (192) (183) (175) (167) (148) Home Free Autosurf Traffic Exchange Information

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