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Autosurf Script ~ Free Download PHP Autosurf Script

Hello and Welcome To's Free Autosurf Script Download Page! We want to make some things very clear right from the start, so there is no confusion later on down the road. We are offering you the ability to download a free copy of a basic autosurf traffic exchange script produced circa 2001. We Do Not Offer Any Support Whatsoever For This Script! We are not programmers, we are simply dedicated autosurfers that got lucky enough to stumble upon a redistributable script many eons ago, and hopped on the chance to purchase it. This script is similar to (but not the exact same) script that we use for our autosurf traffic exchange, However, it is a way earlier version and it offers fewer features than the current version of our script, which was purchased from a different vendor. We know that people search the web every day for a free autosurf script download that is operational, legitimate, and truly free. We decided to offer this valuable autosurf script free for that very reason, in hopes that folks who decided to give it a go would also take advantage of the other free autosurf resources we offer. The script is yours to keep and use as you see fit. You can create as many autosurf sites as you like, and you can redistribute the script on your own site/page if you would like. We have watched colleagues use this script to create autosurf traffic exchanges. That being said, we know it works, but at the same time, it takes some knowledge of PHP coding and SQL database building to get the job done, so use at your own risk.  All we ask is that when you download the script, please use it and/or redistribute it from your own servers (read: no hot-linking, please!) Please be ethical, take this free gift from our site to yours and do your thing. Get busy creating your own autosurf traffic exchange today!  

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