Getting The Most Out of's Autosurf Traffic Exchange

Tips Specific to Our Autosurf Traffic Exchange Program

1. Use The Unlimited URL and Banner Space!

Upgraded members have unlimited URL (site) and banner space. Free members have a limit of 10 active URLs, but they have unlimited banner space. If you want to succeed, Use What You've Got!!! The more sites and banners you submit and get approved, the more traffic and exposure per day you receive, so get busy adding good sites and banners! Please remember that we do not allow sites with Pop Ups, Exit Pops, Framebreaking code, Message Boxes, PTP code, Rotators/Redirects, Adult Content or anything that otherwise disturbs a smooth surfing experience. People use our exchange because it is clean and steady... please do not try to mess this up, or you risk losing your account.

2. You Can Add the Same Site/Banner Multiple Times!

I have an easy way for you to do this, but please do not go insane! :) Doing this will get you more exposure to that specific page per day. Please make sure you have the credits to keep your sites actively showing, as our sites are not made for storing lots of inactive links. Click Here to find out how to add your site multiple times easily.

Hint: If you are currently promoting a certain site, even if it is your own, try combining your efforts by adding banners to the rotation that correlate to your site. It is a very powerful message when an individual's site is showing and their banner is also in the surfbar at the same time (this does happen a lot more than you would expect!) It's like owning the entire site for that brief period of time and sends the viewer away with a stronger, more memorable impression of your site/program.

3. You'll Catch More Flies with Sugar than Vinegar!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Please remember that your admin is human, too:) See...I can prove it, here is me in real life:

Please be courteous when you contact me, and I will return your kindness in turn. If you are a free member, you need to understand that what you are getting is on our terms, by virtue of it being Free:) Please do not pressure me about getting your sites enabled, etc., as I am a very busy lady and do my best to get to everyone's submissions in a timely fashion. I am entitled to take time away when I need it. If you send me an email regarding waiting sites/banners, don't expect a response. I receive over 150 emails a day, and don't have time to waste.

4. Remember Our Motto: Power In Numbers!

There's no denying it... the most successful sites have a constant stream of steady visitors everyday. Personally, my sites do the best when I hit 5000-10,000 hits per day. My belief has always been that Autosurfing is a numbers game. Join as many autosurf sites as you can, Add your sites and banners, refer as many new members as you can, earn more credits, get seen more, and in turn, get more sales and signups, if you offer a quality product or service.   There is Power In Numbers!