Autohitter or Autohits are words you sometimes see on the internet and they are used to describe autosurf traffic exchanges. Autohits and Autohitter are not words we use often at and, because those words make it sound like autosurf traffic exchanges are some kind of software that sends (useless) auto hits to your sites. That is not what autosurfing is all about! Autosurfing is kind of like viewing a series of short television commercials, without having to perform any kind of action in order to advance the page. In other words, the script rotates advertisements and you can sit back, relax and watch. This is a different concept than manual surf sites use, where you have to click a specific link or picture to make the rotation advance and show the next page. Instead of viewing commercials, when using an autosurf site you are viewing the sites and pages of other members of the exchange, hence the name "traffic exchange." You earn credits towards views of your sites when you turn an autosurf traffic exchange on for autosurfing.

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