Autosurfing for cash is an interesting concept that attracts new people to the world of autosurf traffic exchange programs every day. Internet entrepreneurs stumble upon autosurf programs that claim you can earn a return on your investment by putting your money in the autosurf owner's hands and surfing daily to earn a very high percentage of your money back. This is a concept that began nearly 5 years after autosurfing was born, which we estimate to be around 2000/2001. During that period of time, the first  autosurf (or autohit) script was published on the web, which resulted in the very first autosurf traffic exchange, Autosurfing was created to allow members to view the sites in the rotation like a series of short television commercials, without the need to click to advance to the next page, as with manual traffic exchanges.

The point is, autosurf traffic exchanges were made for exchanging traffic, as their name implies, and were never meant to be income generators for anyone other than the autosurf site owners. At best, autosurfs provide a modest income for their owners, since owners can sell credits and upgraded memberships, as well as other advertising options, to members who would rather pay to advertise. Some members of autosurfs prefer to be advertisers, not surfers, and they incur the cost of buying pageviews instead of having to surf the exchange. 

Autosurf for cash programs can generate an excessive amount of money for their owners by using unethical practices. They are typical of Ponzi schemes, which essentially use new members' investments to pay a lucky few members, who get in and get out early, the earnings they are due. This makes autosurf for cash programs perfect for stuffing the owner's pockets with a much more generous lump of cash when they fold, as most inevitably do. Autosurf for cash programs will put up a great front that they are successfully operating right up until the last moment, then take whatever members' funds they can and run off to create their next scam.   

You see, we were already here before, back in 2005.  Tons of fraudulent autosurf for cash investment schemes popped up once those involved in multi-level marketing realized that they could use autosurfs to make extraordinary profits by turning autosurf traffic exchanges into pyramid investment schemes. Many of these autosurf for cash site owners invested in 12dailypro and StormPay, which helped the smaller autosurf for cash site owners pay their own members. There was a multitude of autosurf for cash programs that had to close up shop because they had all of their members' money tied up in 12DailyPro or stuck in StormPay, both of which had their funds seized by the SEC. See the Autosurf Wikipedia for more information on this tumultuous time in autosurf history. History is repeating itself because new autosurf for cash victims are not informed. Our aim is to help people get their foot in the autosurf world the safe way, with knowledge.

The whole debacle nearly caused the entire autosurf traffic exchange industry to collapse. The bottom always falls out of MLM schemes, because eventually there are not enough new members joining and investing to support the payouts to members who are due their earnings. When the 'great autosurf crash' happened during 2005 and 2006, everywhere on the internet, autosurf traffic exchange sites and their owners were deemed schemes, scams and scammers, no matter if they were involved in autosurf for cash scams or not.

The biggest consequence of the autosurf for cash scammers' actions was that Paypal banned autosurf site owners from using their services. As a traffic exchange owner, I used Paypal to process payments from credit and membership sales generated by my traffic exchanges, and I paid for my sites' webhosting with Paypal as well. I had been a member of Paypal since its inception in 1999, and saw my account frozen and blacklisted just because I ran traffic exchanges. I never once ran a single autosurf for cash investment scheme, but I was penalized nonetheless and saw my business operations come to an instant halt.

Bottom line, today's autosurf for cash opportunities scare me, because as more and more are started and cannot be sustained, we will be back in the quagmire with every marketer online espousing the failings of autosurf sites. Autosurf Traffic Exchanges were created for exchanging traffic, that is all. They were never intended to be investment opportunities. The only money spent should be to purchase a service, the service being visitors to your site or clicks on your advertisement.

If you are looking for a way to make money with autosurf sites, I would suggest thinking of becoming an owner. Do it the right way and sell a service. Sell credits and memberships to make money. Below you will find links to our main pages. We offer a free autosurf script for download and we hope you will visit and take advantage of our other resources while you are working on creating your own autosurf site. There is no catch to this offer; you can download the autosurf traffic exchange script that offers for free!

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If you want to sign up for multiple autosurf traffic exchange sites, please visit The Autosurf Directory, for our extended autosurf traffic exchange list, and our Best Autosurf list, which provides reviews of the best of the best free autosurf traffic exchanges. Autosurf traffic exchange programs can bring unlimited free visitors to your sites, pages, blogs and profiles. These programs are ideal for increasing daily pageviews of  your sites, improving your site's popularity and rankings, and helping attain better positions in the search engines.

Free quality traffic is a critical asset for any webmaster or marketer trying to get their products and services in front of new viewers every day. If you own an autosurf traffic exchange, you have your very own list building tool. Your member base becomes a targeted, captive audience to which you can market your products or services. Not only can you sell credits and memberships to your autosurf site's subscribers, you can also send free solo email ads to the members, who are fellow marketers and webmasters just like you. It is a win-win situation. Please take some time to explore the resources we provide. We are sure that there is something for everyone at the Autosurf Traffic Exchange Network!

I thank you sincerely for reading my thoughts on autosurf for cash programs. My hope is that this entry will, in the least, help a few people avoid the very risky world of investment autosurfing. 

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