Paid Autosurf Programs Are Typically Scams!

The Concept: You invest money and surf to earn a quick return on your investment, typically the longer they are able to hold your money (in terms of days) the more you are supposed to make.

The Reality: Invested members are paid their earnings with new members' investments. This is nothing more than a Pyramid Scheme! ALL Paid Autosurfs FAIL, usually within 30-90 days. Some last only long enough to collect your money, and never pay a single dime back to any member! OUCH!

There was no autosurfing for cash or 'paid autosurf programs' prior to 2005, but autosurfing has been around since 2001. What happened? MLM Scammers got a hold of autosurfing in 2005 and decided that there had to be a way to monetize surfing so that a select few could profit from the masses who would flock to this scheme because they were desperate to make money online.

Why They Continue To Be Successful At Robbing People: Everyone wants to know how to make quick cash online. Imagine you have just stumbled upon the information that you can make cash quick just by surfing. Sounds great, right? New people stumble upon autosurfing every day

The truth is that just like any other real-world business, the online business takes time to create, maintain, market and make successful. There is no getting rich quick in this business.

Autosurf programs were created for exchanging traffic. Pure and simple. If you want to make cash with autosurfing, your best bet is to open an autosurf traffic exchange program of your own and sell credits and upgraded memberships. Then you will actually have something to show for your time and money invested! Click our logo below to visit Autosurf Network. We provide a free autosurf script for those who want to get paid by creating their own autosurf program. This is a traffic exchanging script only; there are no paid autosurf (investment) attributes in our free autosurf script.